Presentation Services


Mounting & Laminating

We offer "cold" mounting on a variety of substrates, including Foamcore and Gatorboard (Gatorboard is a rigid mounting substrate which is more durable than Foamcore). Custom cutting in various sizes is available for an extra charge.

Size Limitations: We mount items up to 40 inches in the narrow dimension by 8 feet long.
Customers may also purchase sheets of Foamcore and Gatorboard for their own use. Raw Foamcore is priced at $1.00 per-square-foot. Raw Gatorboard is priced at $4.00 per-square-foot. For larger quantities, custom cutting charges may apply.

Glossy and semi-matt laminating are also available.
Pricing examples for popular mounting and laminating options:

Foam Core:
$4.90 per sq/ft
20" x 24" - $16.33 each
30" x 40" - $40.83 each
40" x 60" - $81.66 each
$9.90 per sq/ft
20" x 24" - $32.99 each
30" x 40" - $82.49 each
40" x 60" - $164.99 each
$4.50 per sq/ft
20" x 24" - $15.00 each
30" x 40" - $37.50 each
40" x 60" - $75.00 each

Additional presentation services and pricing are available.


Custom Picture Framing

We offer a wide variety of frame molding profiles and sizes, including many natural wood and metal finishes. Multiple matte types and glass options are on offer as well. Drop by for a consultation today!


Measuring the artwork's dimensions prior to discussing frame styles with the customer.


Determining compatible matte board colors and textures prior to cutting the matte window.


After inserting the glass and foam core backing into the frame and completing all the other final details your presentation is complete.